UTF-8 connections with Propel in Agavi

If you want to override the propel configurations for charset (encoding) for the connection you usally set the settings['charset'] value to for example utf8.

But if you are using agavi you want to configure propel properly by using agavi's databases.xml.

So after trying a while, here is how you can set the charset (magic is


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    &lt;databases default="propel">
      &lt;database name="propel"
        &lt;ae:parameter name="config">%core.app_dir%/config/propelproject-conf.php&lt;/ae:parameter>
        &lt;ae:parameter name="overrides">
          &lt;ae:parameter name="connection">
            &lt;ae:parameter name="dsn">mysql:dbname=icanhazagavirelease;host=;/ae:parameter>
            &lt;ae:parameter name="user">w00t&lt;/ae:parameter>
            &lt;ae:parameter name="password">not_default_pass&lt;/ae:parameter>
            [strong]&lt;ae:parameter name="settings">
              &lt;ae:parameter name="charset">
                &lt;ae:parameter name="value">utf8&lt;/ae:parameter>
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@ 18 Feb 2009, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews

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