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  • Open Source

    I am currently involved into lots of open source projects. Checkout my Github-Profile @DracoBlue.

Previous Projects (No Active Development)

Those are the projects, which I currently maintain as soon as bugs get reported or occur while I use those tools and libraries on my own.

  • GTA:Tournament - GTA Online
    The free GTA Online Game based up on GTA San Andreas. Started 2002. Shutdown in 2018.
  • Spludo
    Spludo is a serverside javascript framework with MVC, DI+AOP and Convention-Over-Configuration Approach. Based on NodeJS.
  • Koala Search Engine
    A tiny little search engine based on google, which changes the way you search.
  • Qos-Filter for Agavi
    A quality assurance filter for agavi projects.
  • YtMooPlayer.js
    A full featured Mootools Class for the Chromeless Youtube Player.
  • TidyPawn
    Online Script, which converts pawn not-so-tidy-indented-code into readable and indented code.
  • DFairPlay
    DFairPlay is a tool to give server owners the oppertunity to disallow players running specific tools (macro programs, cheatsoftware, trainers, hacks) on the players pc.
  • Pawn-Libraries
    I created several libraries for the pawn language in sa-mp. It includes the infamous 3: dini, dutils, dudb. Also djson for javascript-object-notation based file systems and dmodule for project management in pawn projects.
    • DCMD
      I am inventor of the fastest and widely used pawn based command processor for samp+pawn.
    • DJson
      A javascript-object-notation based file systems for samp (pawn).
    • dini
      The ini file reader/writer for samp (pawn).
    • dutils
      This is a handy library with some useful functions while coding pawn for samp.
    • dudb
      This a user database management system for the samp (written in pawn). It's built on top of dini.
    • dtest
      This is a unit testframework for samp (pawn).
    • DModule
      DModule is an open source module based and dynamic project management system for samp and the pawn language.
    • DMap
      A google-maps-based player map for samp. It uses djson as writer for javascript .json.
    • pwncurl
      pwncurl is a very basic implementation to download websites inside the samp server, by using the curl library.
  • WinPicker
    WinPicker is an Exposé-Like Window-Picker for Windows.
  • gtaT VC/SA/III
    Beginning in 2003, I created the famous GTA Multiplayer Modification for GTA San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III. In 2006 I stopped the development of the entire code base and focused on scripting by using the preceeding opponents mta and samp.
  • gta2gamer
    A tool to find players for gta2 online games and join/host them with one click.
  • HGLondon.net - Official Fanpage for Hellgate London
    I launched a database, newsfeed and fansite for the Hellgate London game.
  • LuaNet - The LuaForums
    A forum for the lua programming language.
  • Newsflut.de
    A german SEO-test page related to game related news.
  • Pawn-Libraries
    Some pawn libraries are in hibernation right now.
    • danticheat
      DAnticheat does not work with any samp versions after 0.1b! It is an anticheat system.
  • Speedometer for GTA VC 1.1
    This speedometer was the first one, which one could use in GTA VC without losing the savegame. It was one of must-have-addons awarded by ComputerbildSpiele.
  • Spunki
    A german tool to learn vocabulary while playing funny games. I won a IT Systems Engineering prize while attending at Jugend Forscht challenge in Germany.
  • GeoLerner
    A german tool to learn countries and where they are on the map. I wrote that for easier practicing Geography and school.

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