VSCode 100% CPU Usage with WSL1

When I am using windows for development reasons in combination with wsl it is usually pretty good experience. As long as you don't try to mount a windows directory into the linux subsystem, but use the storage directly there - it's nice!

The official vscode extension for wsl usually integrates nicely with visual code.

But today I experienced a very bad performance of vscode and the windows system. A short htop / taskmanager call showed: All CPUs have been in use for 100%. The process eating all resource was called: .vscode-server.

As I could not figure what the resource was doing, I did a last try by using strace on the process:

clock gettime(CLOCK MONOTONIC COARSE, (tv_sec=1105, tv_nsec=65821900})
clock gettime(CLOCK MONOTONIC, {tv sec=1105, tv_ nsec=66700700})
epoll wait( 14, Il. 1024, 4997)
clock gettime(CLOCK MONOTONIC COARSE, (tv_sec=1110, tv_nsec=66638900})
clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, {tv_ sec=1110, tv nsec=67747600})
clock gettime(CLOCK MONOTONIC COARSE, {tv sec=1110, tv_nsec=68671200})
clock gettime(CLOCK MONOTONIC COARSE, {tv sec=1110, tv_nsec=69583200})
clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE, {tv sec=1116, tv_nsec=70493200})

After a lot of research in the internet I finally found the root cause of this:

  1. I am running ubuntu 20.04
  2. There is a bug in WSL1 which breaks sleep in glibc.
  3. The fix is to use ubuntu 18.04
  4. Or upgrade to wsl2

As I wanted to get it working in wsl1 (the host did not have virtualization enabled), I tried the ubuntu 18.04 approach.

It worked like this:

c:\ wsl --set-default-version 1
c:\ wsl --install -d ubuntu-18.04
c:\ wsl -s ubuntu-18.04

When I connected with vscode to this wsl distribution - the CPU usage was back to normal again.

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@ 22 Feb 2023, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews

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