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TL;DR: I released iasur to provide one click hosting service for your (local) network.

If you create css/html and if you want to send a snapshot of your work to the client, you have plenty of ways to do it.

E-Mail with .zip file could work, but means you have to do everything into the zip and explain to your client how to open local files in her/his browser.

So you need something like codepen.io for client work.

My solution is a small one click hosting service (written in nodejs), which you can host to serve files on its own or behind a nginx: it's called iasur.

It provides two ways to ship files:

  1. Upload multiple files (choose multiple files and retrieve an index file, which can be send to a client)
  2. Upload a zip-file (choose one .zip file, and iasur will extract all contents and make the structure available in the browser)

So my use case for iasur is, when ever I create a tag or a release for a client:

  1. Make a distributable zip of the project (optimized js+css+png etc)
  2. Upload it to iasur
  3. Send the resulting link to the client

The advantage is, that I do not have to check the resulting zip into the version control system, since by design it's immutable at iasur.

If it works for you and you have feedback, feel free to email me or fill an issue at iasur's github page!

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