Spludo 1.1.0 released

Finally a new spludo 1.1.0 release is available. This is also the start of 1.2-dev development.

The 1.1-branch will stay to support node version 0.4, 1.2 will (soon) support only 0.6 and later.

Changes from 1.0.3 to 1.1.0:

* added dependency to node >=0.4.0 && node < 0.5.0
* generator for monit+upstart configuration
* code generation for migrations extended with shortcut fields definition
* added support for application/json paylod
* generate *ByIds method for services
* added ApiServiceController to register a service as REST service
* context.request now holds the current req instance
* added inflection.js
* added node_modules for own vendor libraries
* replaced own testing system with vows (if you want to run the tests, please install vows!)
* spludo_directory variable is now set always when calling spludo-gen
* added bootstrap_manager.whenLoaded(callback) to get notified as
  soon as the app is ready.
* replaced self with that
* fixed core_dev_change_build_version on MACOSX
* added jshint instead of jslint
* added support for node_modules folder in project directory
* added Criteria for DatabaseDrivers
* added code generation for Migrations
* added SqliteDatabaseDriver
* added a Database Migration system
* added MysqlDatabaseDriver
* added code generation for Services
* added DatabaseManager and ServiceManager
* added Logging#addTracing (makes the this.trace(function_name) obsolete)
* Codegeneration loads the spludo application now (this enables the developer
  to generate code against the base of the application)
* Codegeneration #validateParameter receives the validated parameters now
* TestCases are now able to call .debug+.log and so on, because the execute
  method is applied to the TestSuite.

I have been using this development version for plenty small projects and the

code generation, migrations and database driver stuff should really help you get your app developed way faster!

Loads of documentation and examples can be found in the spludo user guide.

Have fun!

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@ 20 Nov 2011, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews

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