Spawn-Next Feature added, Cops blinking/balancing

Today we got some changes for police officers. Its not that easy to arrest somebody now. Also they got nice blinking colors, while beeing cop, to be easier to see fo the criminals.

Also since today we got a next-spawn feature. It spawns player at a multispawn right next the players death, to keep playing in a special area.


  • [440] [Gameplay] Added: /spawnn, toggles next-to-death spawning on and off. (DracoBlue)
  • [438] [Balancing] Zone info hides faster (DracoBlue)
  • [437] [Balancing] Cops blink on the map, so you can see them easier (DracoBlue)
  • [436] [Balancing] Readded start bank money (DracoBlue)
  • [413] [Balancing] Start Canisters (DracoBlue)
  • [435] [Balancing] Added: Cops need to be slower then 2 km/h to arrest somebody (DracoBlue)

In gta:tournament, project by @ 05 May 2007

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