Shutdown gtat.org

In 2002 I started an online game (based on Grand Theft Auto III), which became a successful multiplayer gamemode and finally transformed to a samp game mode in 2006 and is still alive and beeing played by thousands of users every month.

Now after 16 years it's time to say goodbye. The site will shutdown on 20th of may 2018. All data will be removed and destroyed.

The page started like this in 2002 with php and delphi code for server and client.

GTAT.org in 2003

Now in 2018 like this it's running on nodejs and samp as server-client architecture. That's great.

GTAT.org in 2018

Within those years round about 130.000 players registered and lots of gangs/clans found friends and had a great time.

Why shutdown the site and game all of sudden? In the end of may the GDPR will enforce sites/games which work with personal information (ip, location, usage statistics) to comply to these laws in the european union. Thus the infrastructure and the flow of the data within the game, the forums, the site and tools like google analytics needs to be explicitly started and consent of the user need to be collected.

It would take lots of time (and https://gtat.org is and was only a pet project to me) and money to ensure that lawyers cannot sue me for not complying this information obligation.

If you want to continue to play SAMP checkout the SAMP Server List or checkout MTA and the MTASA Server List.

The sourcecode of the gamemode, website and the database won't be available for download.

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