Quick-Edit button broken in Simple Machines Forum

Thanks to Korl for pointing out, that the QuickEdit-Button in SMF won't work in locked topics, even if the user has rights to do so.

I took some minutes and found out what the reason was, the [em]$moderate_boards[/em] variable is not set properly and not even loaded.




Replace line 2050f (containing the following):

(!isset($_REQUEST['modify']) || (!empty($moderate_boards) && $moderate_boards[0] == 0) ? '' : '
AND (t.locked = 0' . (empty($moderate_boards) ? '' : ' OR b.ID_BOARD IN (' . implode(', ', $moderate_boards)) . ')')

And replace it with:


Now put right after the


in line 2059 the following:

        if (!empty($row['locked'])) isAllowedTo('moderate_board');

Thats it, have fun! Bugreport with Fix has been

posted at official SMF-Site.

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@ 28 Oct 2007, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews