Pre-Populating Formfields in Agavi

The AgaviFromPopulationFilter is handy to re-fill a form after validation failed and the user needs to check the values again (without refilling them by hand again).

But the FormPopulationFilter (FPF) is also capable of pre-filling forms.

Just get into your view and add the following:

if ([strong]'read'[/strong] == $this->getContext()->getRequest()->getMethod()) {
            new AgaviParameterHolder(
                    'name' => 'Test Entry',
                    [strong]'description'[/strong] => 'This is a short description'
            ), 'org.agavi.filter.FormPopulationFilter'

and your Formfields 'name' and 'description' will be prefilled.

I added the check for 'read' method, since you don't want to auto populate in the case you submitted the data.

The template looks tidy now:

<input type="text" name="name" />
<textarea name="[strong]description[/strong]"></textarea>

Thanks to

veikko and saracen.

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@ 17 Feb 2009, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews