NodeJS Webframeworks Benchmark August 2010

Since now I am releasing spludo pretty soon, I wanted to check out how performance is against other web frameworks for node.js.

I made a previous test for this already, running nodejs 0.1.98.

This results are against: nodejs 0.2.0. To keep it fair (and little expressive) I just took the hello world application from each framework and benchmarked those with apache benchmark.

Concurrency Level: 32 (was 256 in the previous test)

ab -n 10000 -c 32 http://spludo.com:8080/


josi: 3944.78 [#/sec]
expressjs 1.0: 6480.42 [#/sec]
(fab):  8203.74 [#/sec]
[strong]spludo 7454.60 [#/sec][/strong]

Concurrency Level: 1

ab -n 10000 -c 1 http://spludo.com:8080/


josi: 3162.31 [#/sec] (was 3012.32)
expressjs 1.0: 3497.71 [#/sec] (was 2744.79 in 0.9)
(fab): 4199.95 [#/sec] (was 4271.43)
[strong]spludo: 3923.69 [#/sec][/strong] (was 3866.12)

The source code for all sample applications may be found at the

public gist post.

The Test PC was a i7-920 Quadcore with HT and 8GB DDR3 RAM and a single node.js instance running.

In javascript, node.js, spludo by @ 29 Aug 2010

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