node.js facebook client for graph and rest api

Today I finished packaging the node-facebook-client. The first version 1.0.0 contains the functions necessary to:

- do signed and unsiged requests
  > graph api
  > rest api
- generate a session from an
  > accesstoken
  > code+redirect_uri (oauth 2.0)
  > ... or by using a session-key (facebook connect)
- validate a signature from facebook
- sign a request for facebook

An example and the source code can be found at the official

github page of node-facebook-client.

Download node-facebook-client 1.0.0 here at dracoblue.net. It should work with any nodejs version after 0.2.0.

If you want to install by using npm, do:

npm install facebook-client

Comments and patches appriciated as usual!

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