More Ammo & Cops Changes!

Today we have some changes for all players and especially for the Cops!

For all players Since today you get 3x Ammo for all weapons!

Cops With last big content update, the cops have become slightly difficult to play. So we decided to give the law a chance and increase its possibilities. From this moment, you get more respect for busting somebody, hava a bigger range to bust somebody and walking criminals don't have a "speed"-protection anymore.


  • [461] [Balancing] Added: Tripple Wantedlevel Respect for Busting (DracoBlue)
  • [458] [Balancing] Added 3x Ammo On Spawn and so on. (DracoBlue)
  • [459] [Balancing] Bigger range for Cops (DracoBlue)
  • [460] [Balancing] Added: No speedlimit for Criminals when getting busted (DracoBlue)
  • [450] [Gameplay] Emergency Ammo System Fails if recently spawned (DracoBlue)

In gta:tournament, project by @ 27 May 2007

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