Jsb 2.0.0 released

I finally released a new major version of jsb.

With 2.0 there are two breaking changes (you might still use 1.x series, if you rely on those.

  1. The global JsBehaviourToolkit got removed #20.
  2. A input[hidden] cannot be used as data source anymore #17.

That's it.

But jsb 2.0 comes with some cool additions.

Jsb registers itself as requirejs module called jsb #18, the github repository is called jsb and the bower module name is jsb #13, too.

It's also possible to define multiple behaviours #16 on one element: class="jsb_ jsb_Example jsb_ExampleTwo" and to define behaviour specific data with data-jsb-Example instead of the fallback data-jsb #16.

The readme has been polished to reflect how you use jsb with bower and requirejs and how to force a dependency from jsb to jquery (even though jsb works very fine without jquery).

Since 1.7 the behaviours had a nice requirejs integration and with those changes it becomes even more helpful. This is all code to define a new js behaviour in your existing requirejs + jsb enhanced website:

/* js/Example.js */
define("Example", [], function()
    "use strict";

    var Example = function(dom_element, options) {
       dom_element.textContent = 'I am loaded with name: ' + options.name;

    return Example;

And somewhere in your HTML (data-jsb takes the parameters as query string):

<span class="jsb_ jsb_Example" data-jsb="name=Jan&amp;param1=one">Are you loaded?</span>

If you generate the code with a dynamic language you might use a json object as data-jsb content (and you might be explicit with data-jsb-Example):

<span class="jsb_ jsb_Example" data-jsb-Example="{&quot;name&quot;:&quot;Jan&quot;}" >Are you loaded?</span>

Thanks to everyone contributing to jsb (with comments and issues on github) and of course to everyone using jsb in production!

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@ 18 May 2014, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews