DModule 0.13 finished

Today I got the first update of DModule for you guys. DModule 0.13 contains again some cool new features, like enchanced pawn-doc reader and a completely new command line interface to dmodule project managment! Very handy if you want to check what modules your project chooses from which directory or if you want to add modules on the fly.

Also it contains a bugfixed version of GetPlayerTeam and SetPlayerTeam (and the Spawn-Functions) to fix the issues with friendly fire in SA-MP.

Here is the detailed list of changes, also available in the Changelog:

  • Added bugfixed version of SetPlayerTeam, GetPlayerTeam, SetSpawnInfo and AddPlayerClass(Ex) to provide working friendly fire in samp.
  • Added commandline interface for project management
  • Updated the pwn-doc reader
    • able to read @param type varname description
    • reading params_def correctly
    • removing &'s and & from param name
  • Ships now with
    • dini 1.5.2
    • dcmd
    • timestamp
    • dplayers 1.1
    • dsystem 1.0
    • dutils 1.11
    • inouticon 1.0
    • inoutmsg 1.0
    • killlist 1.0
    • killpunish 1.0
    • killreward 1.0
    • loginout 1.0
    • modeconfig 1.0
    • teamspawn 1.1

In dmodule, lua, open source, pawn by @ 11 Dec 2007

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