Dini 1.6 released

Today we have an update for the dini library. It has been a year since the last update, because dini is doing quite well for already 14500 downloaders (awesome!), but in a technical discussion at the sampforums we noticed, that it's possible to tweak the speed of dini - so why not make a new release?

DINI 1.6


  • dini_Get uses less memory now
  • All dini_set/get functions use a faster check for the evaluation of the key now
  • dini_BoolSet uses less memory now
  • dependency to dutils has been removed

As you can see dini does not has any new functions, but is faster now. Hope you like it!

Thank you to Magor for the positive and negative remarks on dini and the resulting changes. If you need dini 1.5.1, I mirrored the

old version, too.

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@ 16 Sep 2008, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews

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