Convert Title-String to Url Slug in PHP or Lua

When making your urls looking better, you may want to convert a title to a url-slug.

An url-slug is in common a string containing only alphanumeric letters and '-'. Following php and lua function converts it to that format.


function toSlug($str) {
return str_replace(" ","-",ereg_replace("[ ]+"," ",ereg_replace("[^ A-Za-z0-9]","",$str)));


function toSlug(str)
return string.gsub(string.gsub(str,"[^ A-Za-z]",""),"[ ]+","-")


toSlug function also replaces multiple spaces with one ' -' only.

You can find this Lua-How-To at luanet.net, too.

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@ 13 Jun 2007, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews

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