Bank & Money-System issues solved!

Attention: Money will be displayed in red (e.g. -$002305). This is correct!

  • You'll be able to get free modding at transfender.
  • PayN'Sprays are closed so long.
  • Burgers/Pizza/.. arent selling anything. But there is no pleague anymore. Use the Blue House icons and /a.

Have fun!

Details: - TRACKER|#143 [Money/Banksystem] Bug with /a for Energydrinks. (DracoBlue) - TRACKER|#319 [Gameplay] /reward is broken (DracoBlue) - TRACKER|#153 [Money/Banksystem] Bank Never working! well very occassionally! (DracoBlue) - TRACKER|#36 Money/Banksystem apprears if you use /set after salary (DracoBlue) (finally I can unstick the post) - TRACKER|#108 [Money/Banksystem] Bank maximaler abhebbarer Betrag (DracoBlue) - TRACKER|#317 [Gameplay] Fixed: strval() broken (DracoBlue)

In gta:tournament, project by @ 13 Feb 2007

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