Assertions and No-Test-Framework in PHP

When I was writing the tests for

Craur, I wanted to try a new way (no phpunit this time) to write tests in php. Since php already has a assert($assertion) method, I imagined that it might be a good start to test without an extra test framework. A simple


raised a warning. Nice! So I made the following approach:


Whenever I want to launch the tests, I just go into the tests folder and launch php $file_name for all of them. If the exit code is different to 0 -> the test failed. It's a pitty, bit

assert($assertion) does not raise an exception or something like this. Great for other use cases, but in mine this was really an issue. So I wrote this small wrapper script bootstrap_for_test.php. It registers a new AssertionException class for all kind of errors and as ASSERT_CALLBACK! Now even a notice or a warning make the test fail. Great! Now a simple test looks like this:

assert(2 == 3);

To have the tests run at once, I wrote a little

run_test.sh script. It runs every test and returns the script with an exit code different to 0, if one of the tests fails.

All integrated with Travis CI and Craur is tested!

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@ 05 Mar 2012, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews

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