Puppet Bash Provider with Login Shell

While I was working on puppet-rvm, I noticed that the shell providers of puppet do not run as login shell.

This means:

exec { "echo $PATH"
  provider => "shell"

will have an empty path, because the .bashrc and others have not been loaded.

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In bash, open source, puppet by DracoBlue @ 30 Mar 2014 | 205 Words

Upload service to serve static files

TL;DR: I released iasur to provide one click hosting service for your (local) network.

If you create css/html and if you want to send a snapshot of your work to the client, you have plenty of ways to do it.

E-Mail with .zip file could work, but means you have to do everything into the zip and explain to your client how to open local files in her/his browser.

So you need something like codepen.io for client work.

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In iasur, nodejs, open source by DracoBlue @ 23 Mar 2014 | 248 Words

I do not like your nginx puppet modules

TL;DR: I released pp-ngnix on github to provide a declarative way for provisioning ngnix servers, locations and their directives.

I usually set up machines with the nginx package of jfryman (formerly from puppetlabs) or the module of example24.

First of all: I really respect all the hard work which has been put into those modules.

But they do not work for my use cases. I think the high amount of github forks (365 at the time of writing) shows, that the modules are not really usable without modifications. Like R.I. Pienaar noted in his blog: usage of params.pp for configuration forces your users to fork you module IF they want to modify it (happens to me always in production).

I did some code review to find out, what does not work for me with those modules. Here are my key problems, with those modules.

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In gentoo, nginx, open source, puppet, ubuntu by DracoBlue @ 17 Mar 2014 | 679 Words

Install vcredist and .NET unattended with puppet

If your applications need a msvcr100.dll or similiar file, you'll need to get one of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) or another version installed.

This is a very simple task, if you are a human and have to do this only one time. If you have lots of PCs or servers and want to install this automated, you might want to do this with puppet.

The process is the same for any vcredist file, so I'll explain it for vcredist_2008_x64.exe.

Download the vcredist_2008_x64.exe from microsoft.com and put it into your files folder.

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In open source, puppet, vagrant, windows by DracoBlue @ 05 Feb 2014 | 502 Words

Test a Puppet Host with Vagrant

In the previous post we had a look on configuring the puppet config for a single machine with git.

This looks quite good, but before we want to roll out the config to our target machine, we might test it with a vagrant machine first.

Install vagrant (and virtualbox) before we can continue.

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In open source, puppet, ubuntu, vagrant by DracoBlue @ 03 Feb 2014 | 899 Words

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