Updating attachment issue with Mysql 5.0.18 in SMF 1.1.2

When trying to update (creation works well) a post, which has attachements it often (nearly) happens that my mysql 5.0.18 crashes.

I looked into the statement and saw that it shouldn't be (around line 568):

( a.attachmentType =3 AND thumbparent.IDTHUMB = a.ID_ATTACH )

mysql 5 doesn't crash when using this instead:

( thumbparent.IDTHUMB = a.ID_ATTACH AND a.attachmentType =3 )

Basicly this seems to be an mysql 5.0 issue, but this quickfix helped me to keep my site working with smf attachements.

I posted already a

bugreport on official simplemachines site.

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@ 06 Apr 2007, Comments at Reddit & Hackernews

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