How to install and run latest (stable) PHP for Eclipse (PDT)

If you want to run latest stable 2.1 version of PDT (the eclipse extension for PHP) you'll find a all-in-one version at the

eclipse pdt download page.

Just scroll down a bit, until you find 2.1.0 Stable Builds and download All-In-One (around 167MB).

Once downloaded the .zip file, copy the contents of that file to a directory.

Windows-Users: Copy it somewhere with a short path, e.g. [em]c:\eclipse[/em] ( good!) or [em]c:\apps\eclipse[/em] ( good!). Do not install it to [em]c:\program files\eclipse[/em] ( not!) or [em]c:\document and settings\jan\apps\eclipse[/em] ( not!). There are two reasons for this:
  • If you are running eclipse on e.g. VISTA or XP with insufficient rights to write the program files folder: it will tend to fail.
  • On Windows there is [x] a 260 characters for a path-name limit, you may exceed it if you put eclipse in a too extra ordinary root folder.

Launch the eclipse(.exe) in that folder.

Eclipse will launch and ask you where to put the workspace to. The workspace will be used as

cache and will store configuration files for each of your projects. You are still able to locate the projects outside of your workspace!

If you will have projects accessible only over network shares, put your workspace on your local disk and in [em]new project wizard[/em] select the network share. This will minimize load for cache/index.

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