Escaping without NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPE in Mysql

While working with Node.JS and dbslayer today, I was facing a weird issue with escaping strings.

Best thing would have been, if I could have forced my server to use NOBACKSLASHESCAPES as sql-mode and then just escape the ' to ''.

But since this server is also used by other programs and NOBACKSLASHESCAPES option cannot be set by option for dbslayer I had to turn it off again.

I ended up with this tiny escape string method:

var db_escape_string = function(string) {
    return string.replace(/([\\\n\r])/g, "\\$&").replace("'", "''", 'g');

It replaces \ (backslash), newline and carriage return with \, \n and \r. Since also single quote needs to be escaped, I finally replace all ' with ''.

You may wonder why I do not escape ". The issue is, that a " appearing within a string in between ' does not need to be escaped.

'this is a test"2' => 'this is a test\"2'

That's why I sticked to the rule to put strings within single quote and do not escape those question marks at all.

In javascript, mysql, node.js by @ 21 Mar 2010

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