Cop balancing and some little fixes

The following changes have been made today. Thanks to all users for the comments!

If 'Justice'-Skill-Level is max (20) then cop has a very big chance to arrest the player (nearly 100%), if not, its less and depending on the speed of the cop!


  • [448] [Balancing] Added: Cops can only arrest every 5 seconds. Chance to arrest decreases if higher speed (DracoBlue)
  • [447] [Gameplay] Using multispawn locations to check next spawn now. (DracoBlue)
  • [446] [Balancing] Added 3x effect of a canister (DracoBlue)
  • [408] [Gameplay] Issue: If you buy petrol, the car is 100% full (DracoBlue)
  • [443] [Gameplay] EP for killing gang-mate (DracoBlue)
  • [444] [Gameplay] Too much ammo (DracoBlue)
  • [445] [Gameplay] House isnt refilling health anymore (DracoBlue)
  • [264] [Gameplay] Teamkills gaves respect (DracoBlue)

In gta:tournament, project by @ 08 May 2007

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