Building/Creating Google Chrome Themes: Manual Reshacker-Way

Google Chrome ships with a folder called theme and a file called default.dll in it.

There are plenty of themes popping up everywhere for the new browser, but actually nearly no documentation on how to make your own.

So the questions are: how to create my own default.dll, how to recompile default.dll or how to change images in default.dll. We won't talk about the second question now, but let's face how to create our own default.dll with changed images in the default.dll-file.

There is a very small and useful tool called ResHacker. Use it and open the default.dll. You'll see plenty of binary data and some icons. While looking at the svn repository of chrome, I noticed that all this files are actually .png files!

So let's have a look at how to replace the "Go"-Button in google chrome. By this table you can see, that the go button has the id 9025. So left click the binary data #9025/1033 and press "Action"->"Save Resource as binary fileÂ? ... " and call the file go.png.

Open the go.png with any image editor you like (even mspaint!). Change it and save it.

Now comes the final steps to add the new go-button: [ol]

  • Press "Action"->"Replace other Resource"
  • "Open file with new resource" and open the go.png.
  • Use BINDATA as resource type, 9025 as resource name and 1033 as resource language and press "Replace".
  • Press "File" -> "Save"
  • Restart your Chrome Browser!
  • [/ol] Now your default theme, should have the new Go-button we just created!

    Extracting the files and replacing by hand is a very time intensive way to replace+make themes for google chrome, thatswhy psytoy created 2 batchfiles for automatic extract + replacing of the images in the .dll. So you can create your themes in no time!

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