LuaNET launched!

Today I finished first part of

LuaNET. Its not yet finished, but has already lots of functions (which will be in, when its finished).

LuaNET is intended to give users documentation for lua api, Lua How-Tos and of course a Lua Support Forum (which have been missing in the lua world).

This page is still in beta, please try it and leave some comments!

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Balancing in GTA:Tournament

Today I added lots of features, fixes and new stuff to the game. After the big discussion we found lots of soloutions.

Here is whats implemented in the end, so far.

Artifact changes:

  • the one who kills the artifact guy, gets 14% of the money the one carries
  • the one who had artifact loses 20% of the wallet money he has
  • if noone had the artifact the guy, who get it by random gets $100
  • if you kill a gangmate wich has artifact, you loose the money, but a random person gets the artifact!

Fuelsystem changes:

  • canisters cost $5 from vendors (so business owner, adjust the price please!)
  • cars are empty on server restart
  • cars refill only 3,3% with canister
  • you are able to carry a max of 30 canisters.
  • gas statio refills only the canister potion if you are in a car.


  • [356] [Security Issue] Everybody can kick u from server. (DracoBlue)
  • [128] [Missions] Speed Over 100km/h and all in car get star. (DracoBlue)
  • [286] [Spawnpoints] Not enough ammo for m4 and ak47 (DracoBlue)
  • [318] [Gameplay] Uzi Arena (repleace Uzi for Tec-9). (DracoBlue)
  • [362] [Balancing] Artifact rebalanced. (DracoBlue)
  • [363] [Balancing] Fuelsystem rebalanced (DracoBlue)
  • [361] [Balancing] Double effect for all food (DracoBlue)
  • [277] [Gameplay] no text for disco pickup (DracoBlue)
  • [360] [Balancing] If you buy in car at gas station it fills full - not wanted! (DracoBlue)
  • [343] [Balancing] Fuel full on server restart (DracoBlue)
  • [354] [Gameplay] every weapon is replacing the first weapon (DracoBlue)
  • [346] [Balancing] gang limit dont work (DracoBlue)

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Weapon system issues fixed

Today I fixed some, pleae report at

issue tracker, if you find one again.


  • [349] Weapons didn't replace corrrectly, if you buy the second
  • [344] AK 47 doesn't replaces m4
  • [350] Slots not correct calculated and wrong weapons replaces wrong

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network-manager-pptp doesn't work

We spend some hours by solving this issue on fresh edgy installation.

If try launching nm-applet with

nm-applet --sm-disable

doesn't work, then here is the


Change in the following two files:

  • /etc/dbus-1/system.d/NetworkManager.conf
  • /etc/dbus-1/system.d/nm-applet.conf


<policy context="default">
        <allow own="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>
        <allow senddestination="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>
        <allow sendinterface="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>


<policy context="default">
        <allow own="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>
        <allow senddestination="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>
        <allow sendinterface="org.freedesktop.NetworkManager"/>

Then restart dbus:

sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart

And launch the applet:


Now it should work like a charm.

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Board updated

Today I fixed several issues with the GTA:T board.


  • [305] No images (new topic, edit, quote, new etc) in Polish lang on forum.
  • [273] Mark as read isnt working!

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